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The Benefits of Choosing Australian-based Outbound Tour Operators for Travel Agents

Tue, June 06, 2023 2:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As travel agents strive to provide their clients with the best possible travel experiences, more efficiently in this post-pandemic era, the decision to partner with the right outbound tour operator or wholesaler becomes crucial. In this regard, choosing an Australian-based outbound tour operator or wholesaler that is CATO Accredited can be a strategic move for travel agents.

CATO Accredited members possess a wealth of destination knowledge and have established robust networks and partnerships with DMC’s, suppliers, hotels, and transportation services. This enables them to provide valuable insights, negotiate competitive rates, and ensure seamless logistics for travellers. By partnering with CATO Accredited members, travel agents can curate unique and tailored itineraries that meet their clients' specific needs and preferences.

Moreover, CATO Accredited members undertake extensive due diligence when sourcing suppliers around the world and put in place supplier agreements, risk assessments, and monitor all relevant insurances. This ensures that the travel experience is safe, high-quality, and responsible.

CATO Accredited members are well-versed in tailoring travel experiences to meet individual needs. They can create customized itineraries, arrange specialized tours, and incorporate personalised elements into the travel plans. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, these members provide reliable customer support and assistance throughout the travel journey. This level of support and flexibility not only meets but exceeds clients' expectations, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Travel agents should look for the CATO Accredited logo to ensure that they are partnering with credible professionals who prioritise quality, safety, and responsible practices. By doing so, they can provide their clients with exceptional travel experiences that create long-lasting memories.

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