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Australians on Holiday

International Leisure Travel Trends 2023


The Council of Australian Tour Operators' (CATO) Australians on Holiday report has been developed after extensive research using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), CATO Members and an extensive consumer survey of more than 3,000 international travellers. The report provides fresh insights into the scale, nature, contribution and potential of Australia's outbound leisure market.

Highlights of the report show that in 2023, Australian holiday makers;

  • Took close to 5.7 million international leisure trips which represents 57% of all outbound travel from Australia.
  • Spent more than AUD$50 billion at an average of just over AUD$6,690 per person per trip.
  • Visited 3.1 countries during an average journey length of 17.7 days.
  • The touring sector, defined as land-based multi-day tours attracted 483,250 Australians, generating an impressive expenditure of $4.4 billion.

  • Traditional coach tours proved especially popular, drawing 225,319 participants who spent a collective $2.1 billion.

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